Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Tanner.

Tanner came to GRRSWF when his former owners were forced to surrender him due to a move and allergies. He was a very well-loved nine year old boy looking for a forever home; and a very big boy at that, Tanner weighs in at a healthy 98lbs! His former owner, based near Orlando, had agreed to keep him until we had a foster home available. Brad and I had been in St. Augustine celebrating our wedding anniversary and, as a foster home had become available for Tanner, arranged to pick him up on our way back to the West coast. GRRSWF had a sudden influx of dogs that weekend and the way things worked out Brad and I ended up fostering Tanner ourselves. Between transporting him and having him in our home for just a few days, we were in love.

We had lost our beautiful six year old Golden, Archer (also a rescue), to metastatic liver cancer just a couple of months before and didn’t really think that we were ready to fall in love again yet … but that was before Tanner’s quiet, gentle, sweet soul did it’s work on our wounded hearts – we could do nothing but adopt him.

Our three year old female, Camille (again, a rescue), was also having a very hard time dealing with Archer being gone and she was initially quite distant when Tanner came to us. Not a problem for our big-hearted boy though, he won her over just as he had us.

Tanner is surprisingly active for such an old guy and has the most perfect manners. He fit into our home almost immediately and has even made fast friends with our most reluctant cat, Camille has taught him many of the games she and Archer used to play and he has taught her a number of new ones. He loves to join us on the bed, though only when invited, and cuddle; he’ll climb onto the couch in the evenings and lie between us for loving.

While we are sorry that it was necessary, we are so grateful to Tanner’s former owners for trusting GRRSWF to find him a loving forever home and we consider ourselves to be unspeakably lucky to have found such a wonderful companion. He may be older and our time together will be shorter than we would like, but those years with this gentle giant at our sides will be very special.