Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Cody.

We adopted Baxter on November 1st. Baxter never really understood his name whenever we called it, so his new name is now Cody and he loves it!  Cody adapted very well with our home and our other golden Samson. They get along great and play with each other all the time! We take Cody on long walks every morning and night and he walks very well. He’s on his second week of obedience training and he’s already getting the commands of “sit, lay, and release!” We’re working on his jumping skills next week however, there has been just a few accidents with food on the counter! (Were definitely going to be watching the food on thanksgiving. Hehe ). He sleeps through the night and doesn’t chew on anything at all. He even sleeps with his tongue out, and its adorable! The funny thing is too, when he eats his food in the morning and night he will lay down to eat it which they told us he would and it’s hilarious! All in all, Cody is the best dog already and we’re all so blessed to have adopted him! We couldn’t have got a better match with our family. He truly is amazing and I’m so thankful for the Golden Retriever Rescue to have found the perfect golden for us.
We love him so much and thanks again!