Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Maxwell.

Annie is my first Golden Retriever. I was interested in a large breed dog that would be friendly to people and other dogs and easy for my 87 year old father to walk. I knew nothing of Goldens until I visited a friend one day and was introduced to her very large and beautiful 10 year old Golden. What a love he was! Right then I knew this was the right dog for my father and me.

Rescue or adoption was the only way to go for me. I started looking online and saw Annie on the GRRSWF website the first day. I checked other sources for several weeks, but always came back to see if Annie was still there. My dad started looking on his own and found her. Even my friend with the Golden found her and sent her picture to me! I think we were just meant to be together.

My experience with GRRSWF was outstanding. From my initial meeting with Dennis to "adoption day", I can only say the hardest part was dealing with the anticipation of seeing Annie.

She was instantly charming. So excited to be there, so happy to be petted by anyone. I took her for a quick walk and knew my dad could handle her, and the rest is history.

She loves to walk with me (3 miles a day!) and loves to swim. She's not much of a "retriever" and she can't catch, but who cares! She is so bright and funny and happy. I just love her.

Looking back, I really don't understand how Annie became a stray. How could anyone let her go? Why did it take so long to find a forever home for her? She is the joy of the neighborhood, so happy to see anyone when we walk. She always smiles and wags her tail and makes each single person feel special. One of the neighbors calls her "the best dog in the world" and can't wait to see her every morning.

I not only rescued Annie, but she also rescued me. I was dealing with a broken arm and a job layoff, and I was able to handle those things with minimal stress. She makes ME smile! Why did it take so long to find her a home? Dad said it was because she was waiting for me. Maybe he is right.