Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Maxwell.

In the summer of 2010 we lost our 5 year old golden Chester to lymphoma, and although we knew we were losing him it didn't make it easier. Our family had thought we would not be ready for another golden for many months but as the days passed we realized that our home was way too quiet and something was missing. We decided with two young children that we didn't have the energy to devote to a puppy and thought we might adopt an older dog through golden rescue.

After lots of research, emails and phone calls we found out the golden rescues in our area wouldn't adopt to us because they had rules about adopting to families with young children. I reached out to GRRSWF and after two emails, and some begging on my part they thought they could make it work. The home visit went great and we were ready to go.

Jeanine told us about a new dog Maxwell who had just come in, about one year old who liked kids and would tolerate our 3 cats. I knew when we made the drive that day from Jacksonville to Lake Wales that he was already ours. Our 4 year old Elliot had brought Maxwell a stuffie and our 18 months old Nathan laughed at him.

He was a little nervous that day but when we drove back two days later to bring him home he was so at ease and happy to see us. The kids won him over during the car ride home by sneaking him chicken nuggets. Maxwell is such a great part of our family. He does anything our Elliot and Nathan tell him to do...Max fetch, chase me, sit, paw and shake,shake,shake.

He loves to go to my parents doggie daycare on Wednesdays and he plays great with the other daycare dogs. He has yet to become a swimmer but I think its only a matter of time. He is everything golden and after being with us a month seems at peace and knows this is home. He is so funny too, takes all his bones and toys outside and hides them for later in the day. He rides with us everyday to go pick up Elliot from school. He is such a great dog and part of the Mehler family. We can never thank you enough for all you do. Maxwell will have his hip surgery in a few days and although I will worry terribly like a Mom does I know after he heals he will be the whole dog he was meant to be.

The Mehler Family