Misty &


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Where to start with our Misty and Chester story? Between my sister and me we have always had Goldens with an Aussie thrown in to keep things exciting. In 2005 we had Amber, Molly, Comet and Charlie -3 rescue Goldens and our token Aussie. We lost Amber to cancer in 05, Charlie to cancer in 07, Molly to old age in 07 adopted another Aussie-Jesse from Aussie Rescue and sadly lost Comet to a stroke in May of this year. We knew Jesse could not be an only child so applied to 2 different rescue organizations for Goldens. We were contacted about fostering a golden for a family going through hard times and decided to try it.

In the meantime we were contacted about adopting Misty. Aphrodite was already making a name for herself as the crazy lizard hunting, swimming obsessed dog so hey what’s one more right? And I had fallen in love with Misty’s picture so we went down to Venice, met Misty at the dog park and promptly took her home where she also proceeded to also be a crazy swimming obsessed dog. At this point we were sitting with 3 dogs-all big dogs, all busy dogs and along came Chester who although I know his foster dad would have kept him I’m glad didn’t. Chester is our calm in the storm. He is the sweetest dog I have ever met and just his goofy golden personality helps keep the girls chilled out. Our foster failed so we have 3 Goldens (Ditie, Misty and Chester) and our Aussie( Jesse).

With 3 grandkids under 5 and our K9 quartet things are definitely lively but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our dogs are the zaniest, craziest most loving animals we could ever hope to have. We are taking a trip to the mountains soon and taking all the dogs. We can’t wait. If you are reading this and thinking about adopting a golden or 2 or 3 do it~ it will be the best decision you ever made!