Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Daisy.

Our success story gets a little sad, but keep reading.

For years, we heard how wonderful Golden Retrievers were. So when a fellow employee could no longer provide for the needs of Bailey and so we gladly took him in. We had found our first “golden” moment with his adoption. He was the perfect red gentleman, trained, loving and speaks to you when he needs some. I mean, literally tries to speak because in his mind he is telling you his story. Our children had left home for college and empty nest syndrome set in and having Bailey was the cure for all that ailed us.

Time went by and we were quite happy. However, Bailey, my big red boy, then 5, started losing weight, energy and had developed these large masses in his glands. Scary, you betcha. We took Bailey to his vet, they ran a full spectrum of tests and Bailey was diagnosed with lymphoma and given mere months to live. Our perfect world came crashing down.

However, the vet said that dogs do react quite well to chemotherapy and believe it or not they don’t lose their hair. But the odds of Bailey surviving more than a year and a half were very slim, but worth taking because his quality of life would not be changed and a small percentage of dogs actually go into full remission and never have another sign of cancer, but again, most do not.

Bailey started his treatments, and through it all remained a loving, supportive companion. But wait, the story starts here. It was for the love of Bailey that we decided we could not have a home without such a wonderful animal. Bailey completed his year of chemotherapy, we knew we wouldn't have him long.

We had always wanted to have two dogs in the family and felt the time was right when Bailey was getting back to his feisty, healthy self. So the search was on. We wanted an adult female, (at the time I heard it was better to have one male/one female) who wasn’t too young or too old but needed a loving home. We searched high and low for months trying to find the perfect fit for our home.

Then one day, after viewing the website we found another Bailey, and she was female. She was a three year old blonde and had had one litter of pups. My husband was out of the state, so I went alone to meet her and instantly fell in love. The next visit was to introduce Bailey to Bailey. They were like peas and carrots.

So needless to say, Bailey(girl) was our new addition to the home. We had always wanted another dog that had the same demeanor as Bailey (boy) but we didn’t get that one right. Bailey (girl) is one of a kind! More athletic than Bailey, she is in the pool any chance she gets, constantly playing ball, giving kisses, and adding that special spark any chance she can get. We were wonderfully surprised! It's great to have two dogs with two separate personalities!

Because life started to get a little complicated with two dogs and one name, Bailey (girl) needed an identity change, being 3 years old and the younger of the two, we decided to change her name to Daisy.

So we had a Bailey and a Daisy. Bailey fell in love with his new sister. Bailey had never experienced another dog in the home and thought they we had provided Daisy as a new, perfect playmate just for him and he truly loves us for that. It’s like Bailey is a puppy again.

After having Daisy now for quite some time and building the bonds of our family, we are blessed with still having two wonderful dogs in our lives. Bailey is now 7 years old, in remission for two years this August. We truly believe that it wasn’t the chemo alone that saved him. It was through saving Daisy, that we saved our Bailey. Her strength, companionship and love has and continues to keep the cancer at bay. Thank you all for allowing us to share our lives with Daisy, and Bailey.

Mike and Jackie Mabry
Lehigh Acres, FL