Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Wilson.

Wilson (Willie) is a real joy. He has been a true blessing since we lost our Beau (he was also a golden retriever, only 6 years old) and our vet tried to save him, only to lose him, from a heart attack. Willie came to us from the SW Golden Retriever Rescue, We were not sure they could help us, only to find Jeanine who listened to all of the heart break from the loss of beau, & she reached out, found another golden named Casey who unfortunately was not in good health and was not a good match for us at the time, (Jeanine knew that we needed a healthy dog, as we went through such a traumatic time, after the loss of Beau) she kept in constant contact with us, still looking for that special dog and within a couple of days found Wilson, he apparently was abandoned and needed a good home and lots of love. We jumped at the chance to meet with them, and guess what....Willie is just what we needed. He is soooo.. much like Beau, personality and all. I cannot tell you how much joy he has brought to us since Beau's passing (god bless him). Beau will remain in our hearts and prayers forever.

I have taken so many photos on my cell of Willie and would love to share them with you and everyone who has even the slightest thought of looking into adopting from a rescue, no matter what the breed is. Each and every dog has their needs, and each wants love from a special family, I am so glad that we reached Jeanine and the SW Golden Retriever Rescue and found our Willie. Truly, I can't imagine life without him. He is one special dog!

Willie will get all of the love and attention he deserves, and yes he is lucky, but we won the jackpot when we adopted him!


Julie and Duane Carmelo