Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Stella.

To say that we have been blessed with another fabulous Golden Retriever in Stella Bella Cinderella is an understatement. We lost our beautiful Golden Brady August 8TH of this year. He was the most loving and generous dog and although we knew we could never replace him we wanted the opportunity to share our lives and love with another furry family member.

We contacted GRRSWF and were lucky enough to be put in contact with Lynette Malinchak. She was so amazing and helpful and forwarded us onto Christie and Matt Wieder who were Stella’s foster parents. I truly believe Stella is such a great dog because of the initial care she received with the Wieder’s. From the beginning Stella Bella Cinderella has been a perfect fit. She is such a treat and my daughter Cassidy is mesmerized by her and Stella follows Cassidy everywhere. They were fast friends.

We couldn’t love her anymore if we tried. I know that Stella is called a rescue dog, but I am absolutely convinced it is because SHE rescued us when we needed her the most.