Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Abby.

Abby came to live with us 3 months ago heartworm positive. She has successfully undergone her treatments and is as playful and active as a puppy now.
She has become accustomed to her new home and her 8 year old Corgi sister, Roxie, and her 18 year old wise older cat brother, Sneakers.
Roxie likes to keep the order and will keep Abby in line and Abby loves it. She just romps, hops and runs all around Roxie with a happy face and wagging tail.
Although Abby was estimated to be about 4 years old, we keep saying she acts much more like a big, gangly puppy who is so happy to have a loving home and other pets to play with:-)
Even though Sneakers is an old man cat who doesn't tolerate much anymore, he lets Abby get right into his face and even lick his ears!!

Abby has adopted my husband Charlie as her favorite. She gets so excited when he comes home from work and she doesn't let him get anything done until she gives him plenty of nuzzles, licks and in-your-face attention!!
Since we don't know much about Abby's background, we assume she was somewhat neglected as her only "vice" is that she is extremely attention-needy. Not too bad a vice to have!!
She always has her head near anyone's hand demanding to be petted, scratched and loved. She is learning to share attention time with sister Roxie, but never lets her furry siblings get more attention than her:-)

Abby loves her three walks per day and looks forward to standing by the door patiently waiting to get her leash attached. She will literally leap up in the air - all fours off the ground - to the sound of the treat jar being opened or her food dish being filled. In our house, age comes before beauty as it always has in the pecking order of our pets, and Abby waits patiently as the cat and her older canine sister get fed first. Then she knows the cue to bound to her food bowl to sit patiently again for her turn. She sits and lifts her paw for a handshake which is her passport to her food. It has helped to calm her down and teaches her respect for her older, and much smaller, furry siblings. We are still working on her keeping distance from our dinner table while we eat, but she is becoming more accustomed to that ritual as well. Our daughters, who are both away at college, love to come home to see the progress that Abby has made and shower her with even more attention.

We are grateful to GRRSWF for saving these lovely animals and we are especially in awe of finding "just the right little girl" to fit into our family.

Susan Hunsicker