Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Sarah.

We had been looking for a second golden for Maggie who is our first rescue. We had let Alesia know we would be ready to adopt after February, we had seen Sara on the adoptable list but, Sara had to go though Heartworm treatment and wouldn’t be available for a couple of months. We had another volunteer call us about a new girl that had come in that was 2 years old, we took her home and renamed her Sadie unfortunately Sadie became very ill and we lost her after 22 days. We were going to wait a while but Alesia called and said Sara was ready for her forever home and would like to meet us. It was love at first sight for all of us.
Maggie and Sara make GREAT sisters they play all the time. Maggie is 4 and Sara just turned 3 so they are the perfect age difference.

Sara had a very hard life before she came to live with us, she lived on a farm was attacked by peacocks and chickens also allowed to run free on the farm unless she was being bred. We don’t know how many litters Sara had. We think that Sara was also abused by the man of the house because she is very shy around men and deep loud voices.

The happy news to all of this is that Sara has come out of most of her shyness around people, dogs, and even men. Sara loves her new home and family, riding in the car and playing in the yard.