Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Simba.

Marley came to Rux (my first foster failure) and I early this past summer. I got a call from Sue needing us to foster another golden in need. Who were we to say no?? We had just adopted out foster dog # who knows!?!? and had room again for another lost soul. At the time, my own life was a little on the shaky side, but I couldn’t say no.
So I set the transfer date and met Denny at our usual spot. Marley was so frightened when we opened the door to take him out. He refused to leave the vehicle, making as many attempts to flee from one side to the other while we attempted to coax him out. When he finally came out he gave a little wag of his tail and lick on my chin, hopped into my car and off we went. It was an interesting drive home as Marley was still so scared and thought my lap was a safe place to make the drive home.
How could I say no? Well, let’s just say, after getting home and getting settled I was QUICKLY falling in love with this scared little cuddle bug who would NOT leave my side. The same question crossed my mind as it does with EVERY foster dog that comes through my door “Do I keep this one?” Financially, NO! I said to Rux…who always has a say so in what goes on around here. He has, after all, been through ALL my fostering experiences and I could never have done it without him. It was a time in my life, though, that I felt just as helpless, lonely, and scared as Marley. We took a short drive to the gas station for a snack, and Marley sat co-pilot like a good boy. On the way home we bonded…over Combos…yes, Combos! Treating him to a few of those tasty little pretzels was a moment I cannot ever put into words. I saw a little life, love, and trust appear from those sad brown eyes. That was THE moment that Marley had found his new home. He needed me, I needed him, and Rux, well, Rux needed the companionship of a FOREVER brother too and someone to bring some extra life out of those old bones. So Marley has become a part of our furry family. He has learned that a hand is not going to hurt him, guests are nothing to be afraid of, and believe it or not, my shy, timid, little red boy has become the protector of our yard and home! He has the privilege of sleeping in my bed (which was always a no no for everyone else…and if you saw the size of Rux you would understand!) So now it's Rux and Marley and Me….we are complete!