Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Bailey.

I adopted Bailey in December, 2009. I think this dog was God's gift to me to help me in my own healing. I had been ill for several years, and have recently relocated to SW Florida. Once here, my health began to improve, and I knew I was ready to care for a companion dog. Although I have adopted puppies in the past, at this point in my life I was simply not up for for all of the work that comes with puppy training. I wanted to adopt an older dog who needed a good home. Bailey was a perfect match! He's sweet, and gentle, and looks at you with big, irresistible brown eyes filled with joy and love. He and I hit it off immediately. He is a big furry bundle of happiness, and loves to go with me everywhere. We walk on the beach, go to the dog park, and he even loves to just go along for a ride in the car. Everywhere we go, Bailey gets compliments on how handsome and well-behaved he is. He is so friendly and full of energy that no one can believe he is seven years old. I cannot take credit for Bailey's former training, but I feel blessed to have adopted a dog who is nearly perfect. He knows basic commands, walks well on a leash, sits to be petted, sits for his dinner, and best of all... he was already housetrained! He just loves meeting people and playing with other dogs. He has brought such happiness to my life!

I have great hopes that Bailey will become a therapy dog. He has helped bring such happiness and peace to my own life that I know he can share that gift with others. He wins the hearts of everyone he meets. He loves nothing more than to lay his head in your lap and be petted, gazing up at you with eyes filled with gratitude. He is a very special dog!