Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Simba.

I welcomed Simba, an 8 year old Golden into my home in October, and he has been a joy to be around. He joined a yellow lab and two kittens and from the first day he fit in perfectly. He is very mellow and laid back - only a toy or the doorbell will get him excited. Simba is a big boy - almost 100 pounds and he is on program of eating well and exercising (shouldn't we all?). He is on thyroid medication as well and he has lost several pounds. He was groomed yesterday and I must say he looks spectacular! He loves his walks and he is also on medication for his hips and knees. He was limping, especially when he first started to get up - but he is much improved now. I am retired and have been able to spend a lot of time with him, so we have become great friends. He was quite reserved when he arrived, but he now is much more generous with his kisses and cuddling. He gets along great with his house mates. He and Chloe, the yellow lab, go for long walks together - they walk right next to each other in tandem. And he loves to play with the kitties - he makes them run - he doesn't try to catch them - he just loves to see them run! Thank you so much for matching me with Simba - it seems to be a perfect match for both of us!

I am very proud to report that he recently became a certified Pet Therapy dog. We visit patients at Lee Memorial Hospital and Simba loves it. He is thrilled when we put on his special vest. He knows that means a ride to the hospital and meeting and greeting the other Pet Therapy dogs and all the staff and patients. He really puts himself out there for the patients - he puts his head on their laps and soaks up all the attention. Thank you, GRRSWF, for bringing us together!