Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Teddy.

We lost our beloved Golden Retriever Libby to cancer just after Thanksgiving. After 11 years with Libby, my wife and 3 teenagers felt we needed to fill the void in our lives resulting from Libby's absence. We decided that the best way to honor Libby's memory was to adopt a grown dog in need of a loving home. As we started our search, we realized there was some risk associated with this. How could we be sure that the dog we adopt would be a good fit for our family and lifestyle?

After a trip to our local animal shelter, we came home somewhat discouraged. There were many dogs there, but the environment was loud and chaotic, and we found it very difficult to bond with any specific dog. The numerous choices made the process overwhelming.

That evening, my wife conducted an internet search for rescued Golden Retrievers, and we were delighted when we came across the GRRSWF site. After reading about the service, we felt comforted that GRRSWF would help us find a dog that would be a good match for us. We are an active family, and we wanted an active but well mannered and trained dog for our pet.

We sent in our application, and we were impressed with the prompt and courteous response we immediately received. GRRSWF offered to send a representative to our home to ensure that we would be able to adequately care for a rescued animal. The questions on the application were designed to ensure both that we would be good prospective owners, and that GRRSWF would help us find an animal with the characteristics we were searching for. We liked the attention to detail and care provided by the GRRSWF, and we were reassured that this process was well designed to find a good match.

Although we had planned to look for a Golden, there was a listing for a Flat-Coated Retriever named Teddy that caught our attention. This was a courtesy listing. We connected with Teddy's caretaker, and arranged a meeting to get to know Teddy. Needless to say, we were delighted with him. He has been with us for two weeks now, and he has already captured our hearts. Our children are distance runners, and Teddy is now accompanying them on their training sessions. Teddy has no problem being the center of attention for our family!

After suffering such a loss at Thanksgiving, it was truly the perfect Christmas gift to find GRRSWF and to welcome Teddy as the newest member of our family. We feel blessed and truly grateful to everyone involved who helped bring Teddy into our lives.