Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Hollie.

Although Hollie was in need of a permanent home and part of the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, Inc., she really rescued us! We had recently lost our dog, Toby (a Husky mix) and we’re all trying to adjust to the emptiness in our home. It was such a painful experience that my husband and I agreed we weren't emotionally ready to bring another pet into our family for a while. Well, that's what we thought...until one day when I was feeling extremely lonely for my Toby Bear, I found myself on the internet searching for adoptable dogs in local shelters. That's when an adorable puppy named MacGuyver came up. I noticed that he was part of GRRSWF and I immediately called my best friend of more than 20 years, Alesia (President of GRRSWF) and asked her what she knew about MacGuyver. She told me his story and that if I was interested we could foster him with the option to adopt. To my surprise, my husband was just as ready as I was to fill out the application and welcome a new fur child into our home. We made arrangements with Jeanine (MacGuyver's foster mom) to meet in Arcadia since he was currently staying in Auburndale, FL. Well, at least that's what the plan was...

Alesia and I met before Christmas to exchange gifts and she asked me if we could bring another Golden puppy, named Hollie to Jeanine when we picked up MacGuyver. I agreed and we made arrangements to get Hollie from where she was staying temporarily. Unfortunately, this poor baby had moved around a lot! When we picked her up...this little 4 month old precious Golden pup came running to meet us. She cuddled in my arms all the way home and I felt my heart melting! When we brought her into our home...my husband and I were both in such turmoil. She was adorable and so lovable! I called Alesia and explained our dilemma. She laughed and contacted Jeanine. Jeanine followed-up with a call assuring us that MacGuyver was in a very good place and would be well taken care of. She also explained the unsettledness of Hollies’ life and how much she needed a family that would be committed to her. That was it...Hollie was staying! She immediately became our princess. Since December 23rd, Hollie has blessed us with so much love, happiness and affection! She's a very special little girl with such a big heart and so eager to please. We're enjoying every minute of our new baby girl. Her first puppy class was last Sunday and she was the star of the class. Hollie is extremely smart and we are so thankful that she found us and adopted us to be her family!