Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Camden.

Camden started her young life in a secret government agency, she was among one of the first dogs in the world to be professionally trained to hunt Alien Life forms posing as humans on Earth. After many abnormal experiences in the field and the termination of said government program due to an absurd lack of evidence of alien existence on this planet, Camden found herself at the mercy of the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, Inc. Thanks to the endless efforts of hard working volunteers she found her forever home at the Beam's, where life is just as abnormal, but much more enjoyable and full of loving...

Just kidding.....
Camden's REAL story isn't the most exciting story you'll ever hear, but heartwarming for sure:

Camden had a rough start. When she came to us she was heartworm positive, had Lyme's disease, a couple of minor infections, and a lot of little worms. But she stuck through her treatments like a champion.
So, she believes treats come in yellow plastic containers with white lids, but what dog doesn't? She also thinks that the sound of pills rattling in a plastic bottle is a call for "treat time", but there's nothing wrong with that! :)
She's without a doubt the world's sweetest, happiest and at the same time toughest dog. It was not easy to go through all the treatments that Camden went through.
She's a true testament to what second chances should be like!
Camden is now enjoying a healthy life alongside her little sister Miley (2yr old Golden) and her little "fat" cat, Maggie.
Camden and Miley love to play, and they have enough energy to keep going 24/7...
Camden is also a great little "hunter", lizards, rabbits, squirrels or even birds are her top priority when she's outside!
We're so glad to have Camden in our lives, we all enjoy her happy little face, her undying loyalty, and immense love for us.
She's the missing piece this family needed. We'll enjoy many happy years with her!
Camden is named after Oriole Park at Camden Yards, in Baltimore, MD (Daddy's Baseball Team!)
We would like to thank everyone at the Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, Inc. and Alesia Palmer for saving Camden and bringing her to us.