Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Sammy.

Love, Joy and Happiness is the gift of a Golden rescue


We are celebrating our new family member, Sammy! (we did change his foster name from Tyler, only because he had it for just a few days and had not started to respond to it yet).

We were blessed with our first rescue golden, Kirby, over three years ago. He was a senior, 7 years old, and we took a chance that he would be a good companion for our older golden, Hollywood , 9, who we had raised from a puppy. We were nervous about it, how would it work? What if it didn’t work? Kirby was over 105 lbs., scared and anxious. Frankly, I didn’t know what to think about this big guy. But within a few days, we were all in love with each other. He was amazing, and became our gentle giant. He absolutely loved children and would pull towards baby strollers to just take a look and give them a smile.

When, Hollywood passed away last Christmas, Kirby got depressed and a few months later we adopted Dusty, another golden rescue. Dusty, 5, was a heartworm survivor. He loved Kirby right away and we became a family quickly. Dusty is a bit of a clown, and makes us laugh a lot, mischievous in a cute way, and an amazing cuddler. We were all heartbroken when Kirby got cancer in May and passed away. We weren’t sure when we’d be ready for another dog. Dusty didn’t seem to mind being an only child, however, we could tell as the months passed that he missed wrestling and playing tug like he did with Kirby.

We had a brave moment, and found ourselves calling GRRSWF about Buddy. However, Buddy’s foster family had decided to adopt him. Volunteer, Sue Hewitt, shared they were taking in a new rescue, male, around 3. They didn’t know anything else but would we be interested? A few days later, I got a voice mail that Tyler was at Angel Animal Hospital and did we want to take Dusty along with us and see him later that night? I couldn’t wait that long and called my husband, to ask if Tyler seemed okay, could I pick him up right away so we could foster him over the Thanksgiving holiday, he said yes. Walking into the hospital, I was so excited to meet Tyler. They brought out this small, skinny, sweet little boy. Right away he gave me kisses and rolled over to have his belly rubbed. Although he was scared, he sensed that I was there to help him.

Dusty gave him an enthusiastic greeting and within a few days of continuing his medication, good food and tons of love, we renamed Tyler to Sammy and decided we couldn’t live without him and asked to adopt him. It was truly meant to be. He is so much fun. He obeys, wants to be a good boy, but also is playful. He is already playing tug with Dusty and wrestling. He will come up and nudge for pats and already is jumping on our bed for morning cuddle time.

I can only share that anyone who is considering adopting a rescue Golden, that they won’t be making a mistake. We thought we were doing something good and giving to these dogs, but in the end they always give you so much more. They are great listeners, companions, can make you laugh, and are all about the love. Thank you to all those involved in saving these amazing Goldens.