Help Us Help More Golden’s Like Jake.

A few months ago, my mother sent me a link from petfinder.com. Before I clicked on it, there was no doubt in my mind that it was a big Golden boy and that is how I met Jake. I filled out the GRRSWF application, and went through the process of interviews and home visits. However, once approved Jake was no longer on the website and another family was looking to adopt him but for whatever reason, it fell through and Jake was available again.

I went and visited Jake at his foster home and talked at length with his foster parents (Brad and Dominic Shugart), who briefed me on Jake’s personality. As soon as I saw those incredibly bright brown eyes full of energy, I knew I found my new best friend.

It has been a little over a month and things have could not gone better, minus the pool screen Jake decided to bolt through his first day at the house (even though) the door was open. J Jake quickly made himself at home in his new surroundings and has been the ideal companion. As I type this, he is by my side pushing his snout under my forearm as apparently I am not giving him enough attention. Either that or he wants to help write this email.

Jake has been busy this past month, attending “Take your Dog to Work Day”, meeting his cousins (my parents have rescued two Goldens), as well as getting accustomed to our daily 2 mile walks. I am even having him jog with me in the mornings.

The entire Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida process was great as well as informative. All of the volunteers were extremely helpful, especially the Shugarts.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,