How to Adopt

Golden Retriever rescue is busier than ever ... thank you so much for being willing to open your home and your heart to a Golden in need of a loving, caring forever home.



 Adoption/Foster Application

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Here’s How It Works:

(Note: In the interest of reading ease, we will refer to your Golden boy or girl as he/him.)

All of our dogs are placed in foster care upon coming in to the rescue. Our wonderful foster homes evaluate the dog’s needs, temperament, behaviors, and personality. If the dog needs any additional training they take care of that. Many need to be reminded that it is safe to trust people, or just how to be comfortable in a home environment. Our fosters take that frightened, confused rescue dog and help him on his journey to becoming a happy, confident dog ready to join his new family and start a wonderful life.

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, you will be required to complete an Adoption Application. Upon receipt of the completed application we will contact your past/current veterinarian for a reference. If you will inform your vet that you have submitted an application and let them know that they can speak with us it will help speed the process. We will then conduct a telephone interview with you followed by a home visit with a Golden Retriever Rescue of Southwest Florida, Inc. (GRRSWF) volunteer. During the home visit you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and we will discuss with you exactly what you are looking for in a dog, and what you have to offer to a dog.

If you are interested in a particular dog currently under our care then we’ll evaluate how appropriate you are for each other - please understand that the dog you selected on our website may not be the best match for you and your family – and we’ll discuss any other well-suited dogs with you; a dog whose needs and characteristics are compatible with you, your family and your lifestyle. If there are none available that you would like to meet then we will keep your application on file and notify you as soon as one comes into the rescue.

Once we have established the best dog for you, we will have his foster family contact you to learn more about him, his habits, his needs, his likes & dislikes. If it sounds like a match made in heaven, the foster family will invite you to go to their home and meet with them and the dog. The foster family knows the dog better than anyone else and is his advocate. They will likely have some additional questions for you and will take the opportunity to see how you and the dog interact with one other. At this point, if everyone agrees that this exceptional dog has found an equally exceptional home, the adoption can take place.

When the dog comes to you, he will have been to a vet for a full examination, heartworm and intestinal worm checks, and health permitting, brought current on all his vaccinations, micro chipped and neutered/spayed if necessary. His foster home will have put him in a variety of different situations to evaluate his responses and will provide you with detailed information on everything they’ve learned about him during his time in their home. The foster home will stay in close contact with you for the first couple of days following the adoption in order to help you ensure his transition is as easy as possible for everyone. GRRSWF and your dog’s foster home will always remain available to you and will happily answer any questions or offer any assistance you may need. We believe that in taking this dog into the rescue we have made a lifelong commitment to him, his health and his happiness.

After a few weeks you will be contacted by a GRRSWF representative to make sure that everybody is happy with the choice and answer any questions.

We understand that this sounds like quite an involved process but we do make every effort to move things along as quickly as possible for everyone concerned. Many of our dogs may already have had several homes, at the very least the foster home will be the second new environment to which the dog has had to adapt. Our sole goal is to ensure that the adoptive home will be the dog's last. So we want to be certain that it is a perfect match for both adopter and dog. We ask that you bear this in mind as we work through the process.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find the love of your life!