Lt. Col. Dennis A. Guyitt: Vice President

Dennis Guyitt is a professional photographer who specializes in images sold through a stock photography company online. His specialty is animal photography, especially dogs.

Dennis has been in the photographic industry nearly all of his professional life. Prior to starting his own company, he worked with the Eastman Kodak Company for 14 years. As a Digital Imaging Specialist he was one of Kodak’s pathfinders for the highly successful integration of digital imaging technology into the professional photographic markets.

Dennis went to Kodak after a 28-year career in the U.S. Air Force where he worked in the visual information and computer fields and has been stationed around the world, including seven years in Germany. He started in the enlisted ranks and ended his career as a Lieutenant Colonel. As a combat cameraman in Southeast Asia, he earned the Bronze Star and two Air Medals. During his last assignment at HQ USAF in the Pentagon, he guided the Air Force’s transition from traditional to digital photography.

Dennis has been a supporter of rescue organizations for more than two decades. In 28 years, he has shared his life with ten Golden Retrievers, eight of whom were rescued animals.