Alesia Galuppo-Griffith: President

Alesia Galuppo-Griffith works as a membership director for Bear’s Paw, a Naples country club. Her job involves sales and marketing and she works with the public every day, building relationships with clients. She is connected in the Naples community through Realtors, the Membership Directors Association of SWFL, as well as local businesses and restaurants that are active in fundraising and charity work.

Alesia was on the board of Golden Rescue in Naples for three years and was in charge of the planning and organizing of fundraising programs for that group. She was also in charge of marketing the rescue group through contacts she has in her professional life and other affiliations such as local dog trainers, The Humane Society Naples, Collier County DAS, other rescue groups.

She now serves as president of GRRSWF and overseeing all day-to-day operations of the group. She also serves as one of GRRSWF's medical coordinators. Alesia has two rescue Goldens, Bo, who is one of GRRSWF’s Korean dogs and Riley who you will see at some of the events. Together with her husband they have four dogs to include 2 labrador retrievers, Bouncer and Monty.